Getting Started

ZSURVEY is a web-based ASP.NET Survey and Form Engine toolkit for Microsoft .NET written in pure managed C# programming language, implemented using state of the art Microsoft ASP.NET technology.

ZSURVEY is built with integration in mind, helping web developers and technology professionals to quickly include web surveys and questionnaires in their ASP.NET projects. ZSURVEY is providing a rich set of survey features to help create full professional surveys forms with less time and effort.

This developer guide is designed for the purpose of providing a reference for web developers, software engineers and designers who are targeting to develop using ZSURVEY.

It is recommended that the reader of this guide has a reasonable grasp of Microsoft .NET technology, ASP.NET, XML and Client Scripting to be able to understand the content of this guide.

ZSURVEY Developer Online Guide will provide technical specifications about ZSURVEY web controls, the built-in APIs and product specifications. It will provide the required steps to install and configure ZSURVEY in any ASP.NET project. The guide will also help software developers to know about the software programming capabilities that can be used to extend the behavior of the engine and provide enhanced business value to the end users.

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