Attaching Media

The Survey Builder Web Control enables the users to attach media files like images, audio and videos to the survey or form questions. The user can attach unlimited number of media files per question. The media files attached to the question can be of different types. In other words, you can add an image and video to a single question. According to the type of the media attached to the question, the user will be able to see the image, or run the audio/video file before answering the question. The media files will be displayed to the user in sequence, one-by-one on the same page according to the uploading order.

To enable attaching media files to the questions in the Survey Builder Web Control, you need to enable uploading media files using the property: EnableMedia. You have also to set the MediaUploadPath to a relative or physical path in your hosting server. This path will contains the uploaded media files.

<Zodiac:SurveyBuilderWebControl ID="SurveyBuilderWebControl" 
                                        MediaUploadPath="uploads"  />

The path of the media file is saved in the Survey XML Definition File. The path will be relative to the path set in the MediaUploadPath property.

You need also to set the "MediaUploadPath" property of the Survey Viewer Web Control. This should have the path of the media files which to be loaded when the user answer the survey.

<Zodiac:SurveyViewerWebControl ID="ucViewer" runat="server"


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