Introducing ZSURVEY Web Controls

ZSURVEY includes a collection of web controls to create, view and analyze surveys and questionnaires. Each web control can be used independently on your web pages without any dependency on other web controls.

ZSURVEY Web Controls can be used in any ASP.NET web page. You can apply your own theme, authentication and layout to the hosting page. The layout can be changed and modified using external CSS files shipped with the product. You can change the web control colors, fonts and elements scale.

The following is a list of Web Controls provided in ZSURVEY:

Survey Builder Web Control

You're able to build and design full surveys and questionnaires by using this rich and user friendly web control. In this web control, user will be able to set the survey settings, activation dates, responses quota, survey pages, steps and questions. You can also define the branching rules or skip logic rules for the survey.

Survey Viewer Web Control

You're be able to display the surveys to the end users using this web control. The web controls will read the XML definition of the survey and generate the required HTML pages and controls to recieve the user responses. Upon the end of the survey, the web control will generate the response as XML that can be saved as a physical file or in any other storage medium like a database.

Survey Response List Web Control

This web control will help you to list the survey responses as a table or data grid to the end user. The web control will allow the end user to track, view and delete responses. The web control will display also general accumulated statistics about the collected responses. Users will be able also to export the survey responses to CSV - Comma Seperated Value format - files so that the user are able to apply more statistics formula to the collected responses.

Survey Report Web Control

This web control will be help the admins to have a report of charts and statistics to analyize the survey responses. The web control can display the responses in different chart types like Bar Charts, Pie Charts and Tabular/Grid Charts.

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