Localizing Survey Builder Web Control

The Survey Builder Web Control is designed to be localizable with the ability to change any default labels or text. The localization values should be defined in an XML file which contains the language specific locale values. To have more information about the format of the XML localization files, you can check the section: Sample Localization XML File.

To localize the Survey Builder Web Control, you need to set LocalizationXMLFilePath property with the localization file path. The following is a sample definition of the Survey Builder Web Control with French localization. The French localization is defined in an XML file under locale site virtual folder.

<Zodiac:SurveyBuilderWebControl ID="ucSurveyBuilderWebControl" 
                           LocalizationXMLFilePath="local\french.xml"  />

A single localization file localize all ZSURVEY Survey Engine web controls. In other words, all the localization changes will be made in one file. The localization file wording and text can be easily changed to suite the users preferences. The localization file will have an entry for each text or label used that can be easily changed to your own custom text or labels.

There are several localization files included in the Standard, Premium and Professional Editions for the most popular languages. This includes: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Danish and Italian. The localization files resides under the localization folder of the software package.

The localization items related to the Survey Builder Web Control are items starting from key code: 0001 to 0086

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<localization language="English">
  <item code="0001">Save Survey</item>
  <item code="0002">Cancel</item>
  <item code="0003">SETTINGS</item>
  <item code="0004">Title</item>
  <item code="0005">Maximum 200 characters.</item>
  <item code="0006">Description</item>
  <item code="0007">Maximum 1000 characters. HTML tags can be added.</item>
  <item code="0008">End Page Title</item>
  <item code="0009">Maximum 200 characters.</item>
  <item code="0010">End Page Description</item>
  <item code="0011">Maximum 1000 characters. HTML tags can be added.</item>
  <item code="0012">Start Date</item>
  <item code="0013">End Date</item>
  <item code="0014">Survey Quota</item>
  <item code="0015">Set the survey quota to zero for recieving unlimited responses.</item>
  <item code="0016">Progress Bar</item>
  <item code="0017">Show</item>
  <item code="0018">Hide</item>
  <item code="0019">Add Page</item>
  <item code="0020">PAGE</item>
  <item code="0021">Page Title</item>
  <item code="0022">Enter page description.</item>
  <item code="0023">Single Choice Question</item>
  <item code="0024">Multi-Choice Question</item>
  <item code="0025">Matrix Question</item>
  <item code="0026">Text Question</item>
  <item code="0027">Essay Question</item>  
  <item code="0028">Slider Question</item>  
  <item code="0029">Remove</item>
  <item code="0030">Move Up</item>
  <item code="0031">Move Down</item>
  <item code="0032">Question Body</item>
  <item code="0033">Question Remarks</item>
  <item code="0034">Question Footer</item>
  <item code="0035">Mandatory</item>
  <item code="0036">Other</item>  
  <item code="0037">+ Add Choice</item>
  <item code="0038">Add Media File</item>
  <item code="0039">Add Logic</item>
  <item code="0040">Dropdown List</item>
  <item code="0041">Randomize</item>
  <item code="0042">Horizontal</item>
  <item code="0043">Option 1</item>
  <item code="0044">Option 2</item>
  <item code="0045">Number of Columns</item>
  <item code="0046">Max. Choices #</item>
  <item code="0047">+ Add Criteria</item>
  <item code="0048">+ Add Rank</item>
  <item code="0049">Criteria 1</item>
  <item code="0050">Rank 1</item>
  <item code="0051">Rank 2</item>
  <item code="0052">User's answer will be here</item>
  <item code="0053">+ Add Criteria</item>
  <item code="0054">+ Add Scale</item>
  <item code="0055">Scale 1</item>
  <item code="0056">Scale 2</item>
  <item code="0057">Saving...</item>
  <item code="0058">You cannot add more than #### choice(s).</item>
  <item code="0059">You cannot add more than #### criteria(s).</item>
  <item code="0060">You cannot add more than #### ranks(s).</item>
  <item code="0061">You cannot add more than #### page(s).</item>
  <item code="0062">You can't remove this page. The page is used in one or more branching rules.</item>
  <item code="0063">Are you sure you want to delete this page?</item>
  <item code="0064">At least #### item(s) should be specified.</item>
  <item code="0065">The maximum allowed number of characters is: ####</item>
  <item code="0066">Survey title is more than 200 characters.</item>
  <item code="0067">Survey description is more than 200 characters.</item>
  <item code="0068">Survey end title is more than 200 characters.</item>
  <item code="0069">Survey end description is more than 1000 characters.</item>
  <item code="0070">Please select start date.</item>
  <item code="0071">Please select end date.</item>
  <item code="0072">The start date is after the end date.</item>
  <item code="0073">You cannot proceed. Please fix the following errors:</item>
  <item code="0074">The maximum length of the choice text is 150 characters.</item>
  <item code="0075">Please select file to upload.</item>
  <item code="0076">Please select a valid media file.</item>
  <item code="0077">The file is already added to the question media files.</item>
  <item code="0078">Updates have been saved successfully!</item>
  <item code="0079">Error occured while saving. Please try again later.</item>
  <item code="0080">Preview</item>  



It is important to note that the quotes like {0} and #### should be kept after any modifications of the text values. This quotes are required by the ZSURVEY Survey Engine to replace it with the equivalent run time data.

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