Localizing Survey Report Web Control

Developers can localize the ZSURVEY Survey Engine web control by setting the LocalizationXMLFile property of the web control to the path of the localization file.

<Zodiac:SurveyReportWebControl ID="ucSurveyReportWebControl" 
                           LocalizationXmlFile="local\french.xml"  />

ZSURVEY provides several sample XML file for different languages like: Arabic, English, French and Dutch. The samples are provided in the localization folder shipped in the software package.

The localization file wording and text can be easily changed to suite the user's requirements for the language users. Each text will have an entry for each text used in text used in the item to the required new text.

The same localization file will localize all the ZSURVEY web controls. This means that all the web controls text items do exist in the same localization file. In other words, all the localization changes will be made in one file.

The localization items related to the Survey Report Web Control are items starting from key code: 5001 to 5003

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<localization language="English">

  <item code="5001">{0} - {1} votes</item>
  <item code="5002">Total</item>
  <item code="5003">No responses available</item>



You need to keep the quotes like {0} and #### if exists in the original default text in the new localized or changed wording in case you want to change it. This quotes are required by the engine to replace it with the equivalent run time data.

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