Survey Response List Web Control Properties

The following is a list of Survey Response List Web Control properties:

IDThe web control unique ID
CssClassThe CSS class name to be applied to the web control.
ResponsesFolderPathThe folder path to retrieve the responses XML files.
ResponsesGets or sets the Survey Responses. Use this property if you don’t want to read the responses from XML file and instead you need to handle it manually.
ResponseLinkGets or sets the response link format. The format should contain one parameter to replace it with response ID. Example: response.aspx?id={0} Use this property if you want to provide custom page to show the response details of each response.
SurveyXmlFilePathGets or sets the survey XML file path.
PageSizeGets or sets the number of records per page. Ignore this property to disable the paging in the web control.
LocalizationXmlFile Gets or sets the localization XML file of the web control.

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