ZSURVEY Installation Steps

You need to follow the following steps to properly install and use ZSURVEY in your project.

After downloading the software package, follow the steps of the wizard to extract the package to your local machine. The package contains the following folders:

Folder Description
Bin This folder contains ZSURVEY assemblies to be used in your project.
Doc This folder contains the documentation materials of ZSURVEY.
License This folder contains the development license to be used for development. Use this folder also to store the domain license that the support team will provide to activate the product for the deployed applications. The domain license will not be included in the package. You will have to send an email to the support team to request a domain license for your web site. Please include the order number in the email and the domain to be registered for your order.
Samples This folder contains sample projects to demonstrate the features of the product. You can use these samples to get a quick start and introduce the features of the software.
Theme This folder contains the CSS style sheets for ZSURVEY web controls. You can use or modify this style sheets to match your web site style.
Mobile (Not included in Basic Edition) This folder contains the optimized CSS style sheet for ZSURVEY Viewer Web Control. This style sheet can be used to display the surveys in mobile devices like iPhone and Android devices.

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