ZSURVEY use XML as a core format to define the data structure of the surveys and responses. XML as a format provides better separation of the data layers and structure, it added also a great value in terms of integration with the existing projects.

ZSURVEY provides several ways to bind the survey data format to the web controls. The web controls doesn't have to always use physical XML files to bind the data. The web controls can bind the XML definition without using any physical files. This is useful in case you want to store the XML definition in a database like Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database.

The XML definition of the survey consists of the details of the survey including: settings, pages, questions, rules, media and sequence. The XML can be manually edited in a file or generated from the Survey Builder Web Control. Each XML definition file should contains one survey definition.

For the survey response, the XML definition consists of the details of the user answers to the questions. Each file contains one user response for the survey. Each response can have one or more answers for the survey questions.

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